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Chinese Medicine Can Treat Kidney Disease



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  1. Pay Attention On 5 Reasons Which Are Easy To Cause Kidney Failure

    The kidneys are very vulnerable, and cold, infection, medication, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and so on will hurt the kidneys. Our kidney reserves three times of nephron for consumption in order to continue to work under impaired c...

    Release time: 2018-04-22 15:49:43
  2. Creatinine 180 In Hypertensive Nephropathy Caused By High Blood Pressure

    Kadyrgali, a 61 year old male, KZ (Kazakhstan). He came to our Hospital for the first time to seek alternative treatment. Before coming here, he got dizzy and had 8 years of headache, High Serum Creatinine for approximately 1 year. After a m...

    Release time: 2018-04-03 16:27:18
  3. How To Restore Kidney Disease Caused By High Blood Pressure

    How to restore Kidney Disease caused by high blood pressure ? In fact, for long years of uncontrolled high blood pressure patients, kidney damage exists mainly in the renal tubules and interstium area. In the treatment, usually adopt Micro-...

    Release time: 2018-03-08 10:26:17
  4. What Are the Treatment Options For Kidney Failure Patients With High Blood Pressure?

    As we all know that there is no a cure for kidney failure, high blood pressure can make the illness conditions be worse. But for longer and better life, we should try our best to control the illness conditions and complications. So what are...

    Release time: 2017-05-03 16:52:51
  5. Why Is Blood Pressure High in Dialysis with kidney failure

    Patients whose kidneys almost lose its function. They cant eliminate urine, liquid which is in human body by diet or medicine injection out of human body, the tension of vascular cant adjust increased blood volume, it leads to high pressure...

    Release time: 2015-09-06 08:08:01


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