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Chinese Medicine Can Treat Kidney Disease



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  1. Is There a Cure For End Stage Renal Disease?

    End stage renal disease is the end process of chronic kidney disease. Patients in this stage means that the kidney function is serious damaged. There are a lot of toxins and wastes that can not be eliminated, which will cause systemic disor...

    Release time: 2017-04-21 17:07:17
  2. Micro -Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to Treat End Stage Renal Disease

    End Stage Renal Disease, the most serious kidney disease, threaten so many patients lives. In this stage, almost all the kidney function is destroyed, and the patients are enduring great pains. In order to help end stage renal disease patie...

    Release time: 2016-02-09 17:11:21
  3. How Long Can Patients in End Stage of Renal Disease Survive without Dialysis

    Its hard to say how long can patients live in end stage of renal disease without dialysis, because everyone has different habitus, treatment and life style. In end stage, patients have to accept dialysis which can replace kidneys to execute...

    Release time: 2015-09-09 11:56:40
  4. Memory Loss in ESRD

    Kidney disease has five stages, the first two stages is qi stagnation which is light degree, stage 3-stage 4 is stasis and early toxic stagnation which the illness is hard to reverse, stage 5 is the last stage of kidney disease. In the last...

    Release time: 2015-07-25 10:10:06


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