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 Urine Protein Electrophoresis

Urine Protein ElectrophoresisUrine protein electrophoresis is a test used to analyze proteinuria. In normal condition, only less than 150mg of protein can get into urine and they can not be detected with routine urine test. However, when kidney fails to function properly, excess proteins leak into urine and this can lead to proteinuria directly. By analyzing protein in urine, we can know well about which part of kidney is damaged and how serious the kidney damage is.


Glomerular proteinuria

Glomerular filtration membrane plays the function of filtering blood and meanwhile preserving nutrition like protein. Only this process, only a small amount of small molecular protein can pass through this membrane and finally get into urine. Therefore, if urine protein electrophoresis shows most of the protein in urine are macromolecule protein and middle-molecule protein, we need to think about if glomerular filtration membrane is damaged for some reasons.

Tubular proteinuria

As we have mentioned above, only a small amount of small molecular protein can pass through filtration membrane. Most of these proteins are finally reabsorbed by renal tubule. Therefore, appearance of excess small molecular protein in urine always indicates disorder of renal tubule.

Mixed proteinuria

Mixed proteinuria is formed when both glomerulus and renal tubule are damaged. Under such a condition, through urine protein electrophoresis, we can find there are excess macromolecular protein and micromolecular protein in urine. Additional, mixed proteinuria appears easily when kidney problem develops to advanced stage.

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