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Lymphocyte Subsets

Lymphocyte SubsetsLymphocyte subsets are one important clinical test that can reveal the state of cellular immune and humoral immune. Generally speaking, this test can reflect whether our immune system is normal, and it includes seven items.


1. CD4

It is one type of assistant T cells that stimulates the immune response by secreting cellular factors.

2. CD8

As toxic cellular T cells, CD8 is responsible for distinguishing and submitting target cells in specific immune response.

3. CD4/CD8

It can reveal the condition of immune system. If the result rises, it shows overactivity of immune system. On the downside, it reveals immune inhibition.

4. NK cell

NK cells refer to natural kill cells. They can kill the target cells directly that plays an important role in the body’s immune surveillance and early infections.

5. B cell

It can differentiate into plasma cells, thus producing antibodies. In addition, it is able to present antigens for T cells in immune response.

6. Prediction of the concentration of cyclosporine in blood: It can guide doctors to prescribe medications. If it is less than 200ug/L, it reveals insufficient dosage, while it indicates overdosage, if it is higher than 400ug/l.

Allergen: This test is used to diagnose allergic diseases by detecting whether there are allergic materials in the body.

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