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Chinese Medicine Can Treat Kidney Disease

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Polycystic Kidney Disease

Polycystic Kidney Disease(PKD) is a genetic disorder characterized by numerous cysts in the kidneys. These cysts are filled with fluid. If too many cysts grow or if they get too big, the kidneys can be damaged.

  1. The Average Life Expectancy of PKD without Dialysis

    Although dialysis is a common treatment to help patients feel better and live longer. But, dialysis is not a most fundamental way for patients to prolong the life expectancy, because the kidney function is still losing when patients undergo...

    Release time: 2015-05-19 09:45:10
  2. The Average Life Expectancy of Polycystic Kidney Disease without Kidney Transplant

    Polycystic Kidney Disease is a genetic disorder which is characterized with numerous of cysts filled with fluid in the kidneys. Due to various side effects, most of patients do not want to undergo kidney transplant. Is there any treatment t...

    Release time: 2015-05-18 09:42:21
  3. How Long Need Someone with PKD Undergo Dialysis

    Dialysis is effective approach for patients to sustain life, but, at the same time, dialysis is an unpleasant experience. So patients are eager to know how long need someone with PKD under dialysis. If you have the same doubt, you can talk...

    Release time: 2015-05-17 09:08:24
  4. The Life Expectancy for Stage 3 Kidney Disease Caused by PKD

    Polycystic Kidney Disease is characterized with numerous of cysts filled with fluid in the kidneys. To a large extent, the enlargement of cysts threats patients life. Therefore, they are eager to know the life expectancy for stage 3 kidney...

    Release time: 2015-05-16 09:35:40
  5. How to Prolong the Life Expectancy of Stage 5 CKD Caused by PKD

    Stage 5 CKD is the end stage of kidney disease. For patients who are at this stage, their life expectancy can be limited. Some patients are eager to know can the life expectancy of stage 5 CKD be prolonged, and more importantly, is there an...

    Release time: 2015-05-15 10:52:44
  6. Can Polycystic Kidney Disease be Cured

    Everyone may believe that Polyctsic Kidney Disease is a fatal disease because it is a genetic kidney disorder. Therefore, there is no effective treatment to prevent or cure it. It seems that reliving the painful symptoms is the most effecti...

    Release time: 2015-05-14 16:29:16


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