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Can PKD patients eat tofu

Time:  2014-08-11 03:19

It is considered that tofu is good for our healthy and we can eat a lot. But for PKD patients, can they eat tofu without limit? If also suffering from this problems, maybe this article can help you.

In fact, eat tofu too much is bad for patients with PKD.

1. cause arteriosclerosis.

Tofu contains a lot of methionine, with the help of enzyme can be transformed into aminothiopropionic acid which will destroy the arterial wall endothelial cells. Making cholesterol and triglyceride accumulate in arterial wall. Leading to arteriosclerosis.

2. Stimulate the ventilate

Tofu has much purine, for people whose purine metabolic disorders and Serum uric acid concentration increased, eat a lot of tofu will stimulate the ventilate.

3. Cause iodine deficiency

Tofu is made from bean and bean contains lots of saponin. Those will accelerate the excretion iodine. Leading to iodine deficiency.

4. Increase the burden in kidney

In normal situation, the vegetable protein we eat will transform into nitrogenouz wastes and discharged outside. For the olds, the function of wastes excretion declines. At this time, if PKD patients intake too much tofu will increase the amount of nitrogenouz wastes. Increase bunden in kidney which is bad for our healthy.

5. Tofu is bad for the sexual function

According to the lab research, there is a kind of phytochemicals which is bad for sexual function.

All in all, tofu is bad for PKD patients, so they should limit the amout of tofu.

However, balanced diet can only slow down the speed of exacerbation, they cannot treat the disease from root, only effective treatments can they reverse the illness.

Recently, Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy shows effective effects in treating PKD. This is a based on traditional Chinese medicine and used external, playing a role of repair kidney damages and improve kidney functions. It has proved having the function shrinking the cysts in PKD and various symptoms.

If you want to know personal diet and have interests in Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy, you can leave a message below or send an email to Chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com , we expert will give you a reply as soon as possible.

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