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Chinese Medicine Can Treat Kidney Disease

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How To Lower High Creatinine Level 404

Time:  2014-02-16 08:11

How To Lower High Creatinine Level 404Q: I have kidney disease and my creatinine level is 404umol. I want to find a natural way to reduce it. Is there such a way to reduce high creatinine level?

A: I am very glad that if I can give you some helpful suggestions. First, I want to tell you the relation between high creatinine level and kidney disease.

Creatinine and kidney disease

Creatinine is a major indicator for assessing kidney function. Creatinine 404umol/l suggests your renal function is in the third stage of chronic kidney disease. And it is transforming to kidney failure period, as you know, chronic kidney disease is a progressive illness. Generally, the kidney function reduces by 5% per year. And when it is below 15 %, dialysis or kidney transplant is urgent. But you do not need to worry that too much. If it is well-treated, the disease condition can be highly reversed, because stage 3 CKD is still in the reversed period.

How to reduce high creatinine level?


Dialysis can filter some creatinine and other wastes out of the body. It can only remove small size wastes, while large size wastes are still left in your blood. In this condition, some wastes will still be in the blood and patients also have some discomforts like vomiting and nausea, headache. Besides, dialysis itself has some side effects such as low blood pressure, anemia, vomiting and nausea. Therefore, dialysis is a good for kidney disease patients.

Chinese herbal medicines

Drinking some diuretic herbal tea which serves as increasing urine output. Along with urine, creatinine can be discharged out of the body. These herbal teas include dandelion tea, nettle tea,etc.

Osmosis therapy of Chinese medicine

The root cause of high creatinine level is the damaged kidney tissues, so the root treatment is to repair renal damage and improve kidney function. The ingredients in osmosis therapy of Chinese medicine can be absorbed by damaged kidney tissues through your skin. Besides, it can also promote blood circulation and carry some nutrients and oxygen for kidneys which are good for improvement of kidney tissues. It can improve kidney function little by little. As long as your kidney function is improved, your disease condition can be highly reversed and high creatinine level is able to lowered effectively.

If you are interested in osmosis therapy of Chinese medicine, you can leave us a message to kidneychinesemedicine@gmail.com, and remember we are ready to help you all the time.

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