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Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic syndrome is caused by the damage in patient’s glomerular filtration membrane, which causes the increase in the permeability of patient’s glomerular filtration membrane

  1. Treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome

    Nephrotic syndrome is a group of symptoms that include protein in the urine, low blood protein levels, high cholesterol levels, high triglyceride levels, and swelling. If the illness condition is not serious, doctors suggest patients to tak...

    Release time: 2015-11-04 16:57:35
  2. Creatinine 4.8 In Purpura Nephritis

    Purpura nephritis is a necrotizing vasculitis as the main pathological changes of systemic disease. High creatinine is one symptom of purpura nephritis. According to grading, creatinine 4.8 is 3rd stage of purpura nephritis. The illness sti...

    Release time: 2015-11-01 08:40:02
  3. Treatment for Child with Nephrotic Syndrome

    Nephrotic syndrome is usually caused by damage to the clusters of small blood vessels in your kidneys that filter waste and excess water from your blood. Usually, the common treatment is western medicines whose medical effect can be seen in...

    Release time: 2015-10-22 09:14:35
  4. How to Prolong Life Span for Patients Who Have 15% Renal Function with Nephrotic Syndrome

    There are many methods of treatment of nephrotic syndrome, Chinese medicine treatment of choice is a lot of people, but for this treatment, the patient and how much better? In fact, the therapeutic effect of traditional Chinese medicine is...

    Release time: 2015-10-20 13:40:01
  5. Creatinine 4.6 with Nephritic Syndrome

    Nephritic syndrome is defined by hematuria, variable degrees of proteinuria, usually dysmorphic RBCs, and often RBC casts on microscopic examination of urinary sediment. High creatinine is one symptom of nephritic nephritis, according to gr...

    Release time: 2015-10-19 13:36:49
  6. How to Lower Blood Urea Nitrogen in Nephrotic Syndrome

    A blood urea nitrogen (BUN) test measures the amount of nitrogen in your blood that comes from the waste product urea. Urea is made when protein is broken down in your body. High BUN is one symptom of nephrotic syndrome. It means kidneys hav...

    Release time: 2015-10-17 17:40:14


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