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Can I Drink Alcohol If I Have Nephrotic Syndrome

Time:  2014-02-17 02:20

Can I Drink Alcohol If I Have Nephrotic SyndromeCan I drink alcohol if I have nephrotic syndrome? We know drinking moderate amount of alcohol is beneficial for human health. However, for nephrotic syndrome patients, they should avoid drinking alcohol because alcohol may cause further damage.

What are the bad effects of alcohol for nephrotic syndrome?

1. Drinking alcohol heavily will cause liver cirrhosis.

In normal case, blood pumped by heart will be transported to kidneys to be filtered. Alcohol will decrease effective blood flow and worsen kidney function. It is reported by medical researches that 90% alcohol in human body is metabolized through our liver. In the process of metabolism, large amounts of coenzyme I, coenzyme II and cytochrome P 450 will be consumes, which will lead to necrosis of liver cells and cause liver cirrhosis. When liver fibrosis occurs, various symptoms appear such as edema and stomach jaundice. These symptoms will worsen your kidney condition, so nephrotic syndrome patients should avoid drinking alcohol.

2. Alcohol worsens kidney condition indirectly.

Damaged kidneys fail to produce enough erythropoietin which is responsible for producing red blood cells. In this condition, patients with nephrotic syndrome may experience anemia due to inadequate erythropoietin level. And drinking alcohol may worsen anemia and platelet disorders, which will impair the nutrition status. Alcohol does not damage the kidneys directly, but it will increase the risk for high blood pressure, high blood lipid, swelling and so on. All of these will in turn affect the management and treatment effect of nephrotic syndrome. Thus, nephrotic syndrome patients are not allowed to drink alcohol.

3. Alcohol excessively make you poor memory, poor attention and poor judgment. Drinking alcohol will make you speak with a lisp, blurred vision and lose balance.

Besides, drinking alcohol tends to cause dehydration which will slow blood circulation and increase the risk for blood vessel damages. Apart from alcohol nephrotic syndrome patients are also not allowed to smoke.

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