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What Is the Best Diet for Chronic Nephritis Children

Time:  2014-03-26 08:45

What Is the Best Diet for Chronic Nephritis ChildrenWhen a child gets Chronic Nephritis, parents will be suggested that the treatment and proper nursing care at early stage is very important. What is the best diet for chronic nephritis children?

Is diet important to treat chronic nephritis?

At the advanced stage of Chronic Nephritis, children may have symptoms controlled and kidneys recovered by appropriate timely treatment. A healthy diet for children with chronic nephritis will help for reducing the workload of the kidneys and assisting the treatment to control the kidney condition in children. If your children are suffering from chronic nephritis now unluckily, please read on or email to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com to know more information about this topic.

General diet for chronic nephritis children

Generally speaking, the consumption of fluid, sodium and proteins should be restricted. Eating too much sodium will cause retention of water which will make swelling even worse. A child with chronic nephritis needs to restrict intake of water, depending on the extent of body swelling. The consumption of proteins should be kept to minimum as the breakdown of proteins will produce more urea product which is hard to removed by the diseased kidneys.

Fruits and vegetables are beneficial for children with chronic nephritis unless there is need to rule out high-potassium products in acute or chronic renal failure. Garlic, parsley, celery, papaya and bananas are especially helpful for chronic nephritis due to that those products have healing effect on the kidneys. The patients should avoid white bread, sugar, cakes, pastries, puddings, refined cereals, greasy, or fried foods, etc. Other foods to get rid of include tea, coffee, coffee, pickles and sauces.

As a matter of fact, there is no best diet for chronic nephritis children, only the personalized diet can make the perfect effects to you. You can talk to our online doctor directly and get a exact foods list for your children’s condition.

What is the best diet for chronic nephritis children? The above are the general diet for chronic nephritis. The combination of diet and treatment can make the biggest effect to your children. Do not be in panic, do not be upset. We can help you all the tome. For your children’s health, we will strive with you. Leave a message below if you have problems with your children’s health. Good luck!

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