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Can You Eat Curry Powder with Kidney Infection

Time:  2014-03-02 06:47

Can You Eat Curry Powder with Kidney InfectionCurry powder has been welcomed by more and more people in recent years. There are many different tastes in different counties, even different areas at the same country. It has become a convenient and healthy food all over the world. Then can you eat curry powder with kidney infection?

Why does curry powder become so popular?

Curry powder is not only tantalizing for your taste buds, but comes packed with additional health values too. Curry powder is a zesty mix of medicinally potent spices like turmeric, cardamom, chilli, cumin, and coriander that are good for your health. Some spices, especially the hot ones, contain phytochemicals that averts cell damage and other chronic ailments. What is more, curry powder is believed to be good for your brain, boost memory and protect against cancer too. So, we can say that curry powder is the best spice to flavor your dishes.

Can you eat curry powder with kidney infection?

For kidney infection patients, diet restriction is strict. Because of the mild pungent taste, your dishes, sandwiches and soup will get more delicious. Unluckily, the capsicin in chilli needs to be removed through kidney, which can damage the renal parenchyma cells. There is no research suggest that kidney infection patients can not eat curry powder, but you should choose the ones that are not too spicy.

The modern study say that the chilli may cause high blood pressure, which can aggravate the condition of kidney infection. Moreover, eating chilli is easy to make people get inflamed. In that case, the skin furuncle and skin infections are easy to happen. In addition, if patients with kidney infection are treated by Chinese herbal medicines, the chilli is forbidden. Because capsicin will decrease the effects of effective Chinese medicines. So, we can know kidney infection patients can eat curry powder, but the amount of it should be controlled seriously.

Can I eat curry powder with kidney infection? Through the above, we can know the answer. If you prefer this foods, please consult your doctor to figure out whether you can eat curry powder or not. You can also talk to our online doctor directly, they will give you a content answer. More questions about kidney disease? Email us chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com, we are here to help you.

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