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Dietary Treatment for Minimal Change Disease Patients

Time:  2014-03-18 05:46

Dietary Treatment for Minimal Change Disease PatientsMinimal change disease(MCD) is the most common cause of nephrotic syndrome and it often occurs in children. Dietary treatment plays an important role in treating minimal change disease. With proper diet, the progression of this disease can be delayed effectively. Now, let’s discuss the dietary treatment for minimal change disease patients together.

First of all, patients with MCD should limit their salt intake, which is dependent on the patients’degree of swelling (edema). Patients who have severe swelling should avoid any salt intake because salt will aggravate their illness condition. Patients whose swelling is lessened but still exists should take on a low-salt diet (about 3g/d). When the swelling disappears and plasma protein has return to a normal level, the patients can be given a general diet.

Secondly, control their protein intake. We have already known that one of the main symptoms of NS(Nephrotic Syndrome) is massive proteinuria, which is caused by leakage of protein into the urine and will lead to the lower of the plasma colloid osmotic pressure, letting water in the patients’ body permeate into the tissue spaces, thus causing swelling. Therefore, at the early stage of NS and on condition that there is no renal failure, patients should ensure a daily protein intake of about 0.7-1.0g/kg weight, which is helpful in remitting Hypoproteinemia and its complications.

Thirdly, control their fat intake. Patients with NS are often accompanied with Hyperlipemia, which decides that there should be limitation in their fat intake. For patients with MCD, their illness can remit during a short period of time, so their fat intake need not be largely controlled. However, for patients with refractory NS like Membranous Nephropathy, long period Hyperlipemia can cause arteriosclerosis, which is quite harmful to their disease. Therefore, they should have limited foods that are rich in animal fat.

Besides the above suggestions, you should also intake more foods that contain much vitamin and calcium with minimal change disease. You must remember that well-managed diet can take a great effect on the recovery from this disease. Any question? Leave us a message below, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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