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What Foods To Eat and Not to Eat with Lupus Nephritis

Time:  2014-01-10 10:45

What Foods To Eat and Not to Eat with Lupus NephritisWhat foods to eat and not to eat with Lupus Nephritis? We can eat freely with a healthy body; however, when there is something wrong, we need to pay attention to what to eat as some foods may worsen our physical condition. Lupus Nephritis is an autoimmune illness that needs us to make diet changes, so once we are diagnosed with this problem, we need to find out what foods we can not and what foods we need to avoid.

A well-planed diet for Lupus Nephritis should be on the basis of the exact illness condition. Due to the difference of illness, they need to make different diet changes, but they are generally included in the following:

1. Low-salt diet: A low-salt diet is beneficial for Lupus Nephritis patients, especially for those who are suffering from high blood pressure and serious swelling. To follow a low-salt diet well, Lupus Nephritis patients need to stay far away from processed foods and pickled foods.

2. Proper protein intake: For those who have not started dialysis, but kidney function has been severely impaired, they need to reduce protein intake and meanwhile ingest some high quality protein which can be found in lean meat, egg white, fish and milk. However, for these who are on dialysis, much more protein is needed for them to meet the basic demand of their body.

3. Eat much more hypoproteinemia: Hypoproteinemia can provide us more energy without decomposing protein. One of the metabolite of protein is urea nitrogen which needs to be excreted through kidney. Therefore, eating much more hypoproteinemia is helpful for reducing kidney burden.

4. Avoiding drinking lots of soup will be helpful for Lupus Patients with high blood pressure and swelling.

5. High vitamin diet: Due to strict diet principles, Lupus Nephropathy patients are more likely to be lack of certain vitamin. To prevent this problem, patients need to do test regularly and adjust their diet according to the results. While they choosing high vitamin foods, they must make sure these foods are not bad to their kidney.

Lastly, just as we have mentioned above, what foods to eat and not to eat with Lupus Nephritis depends on patients’ specific illness condition, so it is possible for all the patients to follow on different dietary principles. In this article, we just introduce the several most important aspects that Lupus Nephritis patients need to pay attention to, if you have further questions or you want to know more about it, please contact us directly.

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