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Chinese Medicine Can Treat Kidney Disease

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kidney Failure

Kidney disease can get worse over time, and may lead to kidney failure. Kidney failure refers that kidney function decreases to less than 15% normal function. When the kidney failure is in end stage renal failure

  1. Do ESRD Patients Have Possibility to Be Reversed

    When patients step into end stage of kidney disease, some of them have no confidence for their life. Most patients have to accept dialysis which can replace kidneys to execute renal function to sustain their life. Though dialysis is importa...

    Release time: 2015-12-12 08:31:47
  2. A Natural Method to Clean Kidneys for Kidney Failure

    In kidney failure, most patients have to rely on dialysis which can replace kidneys to execute renal function to sustain their life. Nowadays, more and more patients look for natural and healthy method. Dialysis which just for symptoms reli...

    Release time: 2015-12-10 16:52:18
  3. How High Is The Creatinine Result to Undergo Dialysis in Kidney Failure

    According to creatinine, GFR, CcR, kidney disease can be classified into 5 stages. In 4th stage whose creatinien range is 707umolL/L=Scr=443umolL/L, some patients choose dialysis to prevent their illness from deteriorating. Though dialysis...

    Release time: 2015-12-09 08:36:58
  4. Chinese Hospital Treat Kidney Failure

    Dialysis which can replace kidneys to execute renal function is the common treatment for kidney failure. But many foreign patients come to Chinese hospital such as Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital which is a professional hospital in tre...

    Release time: 2015-12-08 17:01:10
  5. Can Dialysis Patient Urinate in Kidney Failure

    In kidney failure, many symptoms indicate the illness is serious. Some patients have no urine any more because of side effect with dialysis. Though dialysis is important in sustaining patients life, it cant cure root of disease, the rest of...

    Release time: 2015-12-08 13:35:34
  6. Solution of Constipation Problem in Kidney Failure with Dialysis

    Dialysis is the common treatment for kidney failure. Constipation which is one side effect of dialysis is caused by limited water intake. Some patients also choose Chinese medicines for kidney failure. What is the difference between Chinese...

    Release time: 2015-12-08 08:35:36


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