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Chinese Medicine Can Treat Kidney Disease



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kidney Failure

Kidney disease can get worse over time, and may lead to kidney failure. Kidney failure refers that kidney function decreases to less than 15% normal function. When the kidney failure is in end stage renal failure

  1. Is It Good For Kidney Failure Patients Drink Almond Tea

    Almond tea is replacement product of milk which has many healthy benefits and is loved by many people. However, kidney disease patients must have a tightly restricted diet due to their special healthy conditions. Therefore, many kidney dysf...

    Release time: 2014-02-02 07:50:19
  2. Can Kidney Failure Patients Eat Mushroom

    Mushroom is rich in nutrients, including essential amino acid, minerals and vitamins and polysacharin and other nutrients. Mushroom is considered as one kind of healthy foods of high protein and low fat. Eating mushroom in daily diet is abl...

    Release time: 2014-01-27 06:14:08
  3. How To Alleviate The Discomfort Of Dialysis

    How to get rid of discomforts of dialysis? We know dialysis will bring some side effects to patients, and many patients cannot stand these discomforts. Therefore, many patients are eager to find an alternative treatment to get rid of the si...

    Release time: 2014-01-27 03:23:20
  4. Why Kidney Dialysis Patients Have Difficulty Breathing

    Why dialysis patients have difficulty breathing? Difficulty breathing is a top bothersome problem, as it may lead to more serious health problems. For dialysis patients, they have various digestive problems, nerves problems, respiratory pro...

    Release time: 2014-01-27 02:06:49
  5. Can Kidney Failure Patients Drink Coffee

    Can a kidney failure patient drink coffee? Coffee, as a common beverage, is loved by most people. It can stimulate the brain cortex, eliminate drowsiness, regulate heart functions and dilate blood vessels and diuretic effect, etc. Therefore...

    Release time: 2014-01-22 02:12:23
  6. Can Kidney Failure Patients Get Rid OF Dialysis Or Kidney Transplant

    Can patients get rid of dialysis or kidney transplant? Many kidney disease patients may ask this question. Dialysis or kidney transplant is a kidney replacement, and when kidney disease progresses into kidney failure or severe stage, doctor...

    Release time: 2014-01-22 02:11:17


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