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Chinese Medicine Can Treat Kidney Disease

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kidney Failure

Kidney disease can get worse over time, and may lead to kidney failure. Kidney failure refers that kidney function decreases to less than 15% normal function. When the kidney failure is in end stage renal failure

  1. Can I Avoid Dialysis In Kidney Failure 3 Stage?

    Dialysis is gradually recommended by doctor to treat kidney failure 3 stage. Because variety of reasons that more and more people want to avoid dialysis. So this article will tell you whether you can avoid dialysis in kidney failure 3 stage...

    Release time: 2017-06-21 16:28:46
  2. Treatments For Kidney Failure 2 Stage With High Blood Pressure

    High blood pressure can accelerate the speed of kidney damage, for a better and longer life that we should take measures to stop the progressive of kidney damage. So more and more people want to know the treatment to kidney failure 2 stage...

    Release time: 2017-06-18 17:01:35
  3. How Does Chronic Nephritis Delay Renal Failure

    We all know the end stage of chronic nephritis is renal failure, once patients who are on renal failure that there will be dialysis or kidney transplant to maintain life. So more and more patient want to know how dose chronic nephritis dela...

    Release time: 2017-06-15 18:06:05
  4. Difficulty Breathing Causes and Treatments For Kidney Failure

    Patients who are on the stage of kidney failure that there will be lots of complications which maybe threaten their life. Now i will introduce one of the complications difficulty breathing which is related to heart failure. Why kidney failu...

    Release time: 2017-06-14 16:29:53
  5. How To Treat Drug-Induced Renal Failure?

    Hi, doctor, I get the kidney disease from drinking to much pain reliever. It is also called drug-induced renal failure that means drug damage your kidney. More and more people are suffering kidney failure that caused by drug. So it is a hot...

    Release time: 2017-06-13 16:57:41
  6. Can moringa help avoid dialysis with kidney failure 3 stage?

    Moringa is called tree of life, and all kinds protects made of moringa are very popular around the world. So more and more people want to know more about the value of moringa in treating disease, can moringa help avoid dialysis with kidney...

    Release time: 2017-06-11 16:11:31


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