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Can Kidney Cysts Patients Eat High Protein And Sodium Food

Time:  2014-01-10 09:46

Can Kidney Cysts Patients Eat Much Protein And High Sodium FoodsAn appropriate diet plays an important diet in people’s life, especially for people with kidney cysts. Protein is an essential substance in one’s body. Well, can kidney cysts patients eat much protein in their daily diet? Read on to find the answer.

As we know, kidneys are important organs and they play the role of balancing electrolytes in normal value. However, when the kidneys are damaged, they can not function properly. In this case, if you still consume much protein, too much protein can make your kidneys work too much. Eating less protein in your daily life slows down progressive loss of kidney function an also prevent the toxic substances from building up in your body. And patients with kidney cysts, their kidneys are impaired by enlarged cysts. In this condition, the kidneys are unable to remove protein by-protein from the body, causing accumulation of toxic substances. For this, kidney cysts patients are not recommended to eat much protein in their diet. Protein-rich foods include meat fish, eggs, milk, cheese and cream and so on.

Besides, kidney cysts patients can not also intake high sodium foods, such as canned food, processed foods, seafood, cheeses and cured meat ribs, etc. This is because kidney cysts press the kidneys, leading to the renal ischemia which makes the increased renin secretion. Thus, kidney cysts patients often have the symptom of high blood pressure. In this case, if patients with cysts still intake high sodium foods, the high blood pressure will be worsened. What’s more, much sodium can also cause water retention leading to severe swelling in patients. In severe case, when pulmonary edema happens, patients have the risk of difficult in breath and even have the risk of losing life.

From the above, kidney cysts patients are not recommended to eat much protein and high sodium food in their diet. The experts warn patients with kidney cysts that on one hand they should keep a healthy and reasonable diet; on the other hand, they should learn about how to shrink kidney cysts to avoid the decline in kidney function with Chinese medicine. If you want to find information of Chinese medicine, we are here to help you.

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