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Is Green Tea Good for Kidney Cyst Patients

Time:  2014-03-13 02:31

Is Green Tea Good for Kidney Cyst PatientsGreen tea is common in China. More and more people love to drink it recently due to the benefits it brings to us. While, kidney cyst patients usually have serious diet restriction. Is green tea good for kidney cyst patients? Follow me to find the answer.

Generally speaking, green tea is good for all people, including kidney cyst patients. The benefits that green tea can bring to kidney cyst patients are as follows.

1. The major ingredient in green tea is tea polyphenol, which is helpful in inhibiting the formation of atherosclerosis. Besides, green tea also has the function of helping the degradation of fat. These effects of green tea are very beneficial for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. As we know, cardiovascular disease is a common complication to patients with kidney disease, and that is a major reason of death cases, while green tea is helpful to reduce this risk.

2. Green tea is also good at diuresis. The caffeine contained in green tea can stimulate kidney to promote patients’ urinary. It also has the function of improving patients’ glomerulus condition. we know that swelling is one common symptom in kidney cyst patients, green tea is good to relieve this symptom.

3. Another benefit of green tea to kidney cyst patients is that it can help relieve fatigue. Caffeine in green tea can not only remove the excess lactic acid out of the body, but also remove patients’ fatigue rapidly. Besides that, vitamin C and antioxidant contained in green tea, which can help clear the free radical in body, and they can also stimulate our body to excrete the hormone which can relieve tension. For kidney cyst patients, fatigue always occur to them, green tea is good to remove this condition effectively.

The above are benefits of green tea that can bring to kidney cyst patients. Certainly, you should consult your doctor to know whether should you drink green tea or not. For example, green tea is not suggested to you if you have urinary stone. You can also talk to our online doctor to get more detailed information about green tea and your kidney cyst.

Is green tea good for kidney cyst patients? Different people have different conditions, you should take a definite diagnosis of your disease to know whether green tea is good for you or not. Any question? Email it to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com. We are here to help.

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