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 Purpuric nephritis

What is Purpura Nephritis?

What symptoms can be caused by purpura nephritis?

How about the prognosis of purpura nephritis?

What should purpura nephritis patient care in his life?

What Is Purpura Nephritis

Purpura nephritis is a common kidney disease, and patient with purpura nephritis can have many obvious and severe problems in his body.

What is purpura nephritis?

Purpura nephritis is caused by anaphylactoid purpura, which is an autoimmune disease in blood vessel, and the damage in patient’s kidney is called purpura nephritis.

Purpura nephritis patient will have necrotizing vasculitis in his kidney, and there are immune complexes accumulating in his glomerular mesangial area.

What symptoms can be caused by purpura nephritis?

Patient with purpura will produce antibodies that attack patient’s own blood vessels, and almost all patients with purpura nephritis have different degrees of damage in their kidneys.

When immune complexes accumulate in glomerular mesangial area, they may damage patient’s glomerular filtration membrane. And glomerular filtration membrane is an important part for our kidney, because it can keep the useful nutrients in our body, and filter the wastes and toxins out. So its damage can cause patient to have the leaking of red cells and massive proteinuria, which can cause patient to have obvious symptoms, like red urine, foamy urine, etc.

In fact, purpura nephritis is a disease that often causes patient to have nephrotic syndrome, and patient can have the typical symptoms of nephrotic syndrome, which is also known as “three high and one low”.

In addition, as the decrease of patient’s kidney function, many systems of patient’s body can be damaged, which can cause patient to have many obvious symptoms. For example, patient can have symptoms like nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite, when his digestive system is damaged. Besides, patient can also have many nerve problems when his nerve system is affected, and patient can have symptoms like tingling in his limbs, can not concentrate, etc.

How about the prognosis of purpura nephritis?

Purpura nephritis is a kidney disease that can not be cured, and what can patient do is to control his condition and slow down its progression.

While different patients’ prognosis is different according to their condition, and it has close relation with patient’s age, symptoms and the degree of pathologic change.

Child patients are more likely to have better prognosis, and adult patients are worse. Besides, if patient has continuous nephrotic syndrome, he is more like to have relatively bad prognosis.

What should patient with purpura nephritis care in his life?

Patient with purpura nephritis should be careful to protect himself in his life, because many factors in his life can affect his health condition.

1.Infection: patient with kidney disease should be careful in preventing infection, because once patient is infected, that can aggravate patient’s condition obviously. And that is same to patient with purpura nephritis, so it is important for patients to keep warm to prevent cold, or other infections.

2. Diet: patients with purpura nephritis should be careful in their diet, because there are many points should be cared by them. As we know, patients with kidney disease have many restrictions in what he eats, like low protein intake, low sodium intake, high calory intake, etc.

In addition, purpura nephritis patients should also avoid taking foods that are pungent and hard to digest, because patient often has damage in his digestive system. Besides, because purpura is an autoimmune disease, patient should also avoid taking foods that may cause allergic reaction in his body, like sea foods, mutton, etc.

3. Life habits: patient’s emotion can make a significant influence to patient’s condition, so patient should make themselves keep good emotion. Besides, taking regular exercise is very beneficial for their condition, so it is important for them to choose an appropriate exercise in his life. Besides, patient should also make them have other good life habits based on his own condition.


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