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Is Watermelon Good For Hypertensive Nephropathy Patient

Time:  2014-01-15 07:12

Is Watermelon Good For Hypertensive Nephropathy PatientIn our daily life, have you ever heard that watermelon is good for lowering hypertension? Do you believe that? Here we will give you the answer.

Analyze nutrition of watermelon

As we all know, watermelon has rich glucose, malic acid, fructose, protein amino acid, tomatin and abundant vitamin C and other substances. Watermelon is regarded as a kind of food with high nutrition, purity and safety. What’s more, watermelon contains sugar, protein and trace of salt, which helps reduce blood fat and soften blood vessels. In this case, it has effects on curing cardiovascular disease and other diseases. Apart from this, the sugar and sodium content from watermelon have diuretic effect. In addition, the potassium in the watermelon can remit the inflammation of the kidneys, and the enzyme can transform insoluble proteins into soluble protein and help the absorption of protein. However, since watermelon has so many healthy benefits, is it good for hypertensive nephropathy patients to eat watermelon?

Is it good for hypertensive nephropathy patients to eat watermelon?

We know hypertensive nephropathy is inflammatory damage on the kidneys caused by chronic high blood pressure or poorly controlled hypertension. High blood pressure is the primary cause of hypertensive nephropathy, so it is important for you to have high blood pressure controlled. The sugar, sodium and acid and other substances are able to treat nephritis and reduce high blood pressure. In this condition, generally speaking, hypertensive nephropathy patients can eat watermelon. However, if patients have swelling in eyelids, face, and hands, etc, they should not eat watermelon, since watermelon has rich water which can aggravate swelling or may threaten their life. Another concern is that watermelon is rich in potassium. Damaged kidneys fail to discharge excessive potassium out of the body. If patients’ medical report shows serum potassium is above 5.0meq/L, patients show avoid eat watermelon and follow a low potassium diet. This is because high potassium level may cause various life threatening diseases such as heart failure and irregular heartbeat.

Different people have different illness condition, so their diet is also different and the diet only depends on patients’ illness conditions. If patients with hypertension nephropathy want to know whether they can eat watermelon, they can have a talk with their doctors. Also they can send us a message to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com, our expert will plan a healthy and reasonable diet according to your own illness conditions.

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