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High Blood Pressure and Hypertensive Nephropathy

Time:  2014-01-10 10:16

High Blood Pressure and Hypertensive NephropathyTemporary high blood pressure is not deadly, but if left uncontrolled, it will cause serious life-threatening illness like Hypertensive Nephropathy. In this article, we will give a detailed introduce about the links between high blood pressure and kidney and hope it is helpful for you to understand this kidney problem well.

How is Hypertensive Nephropathy caused?

Hypertensive Nephropathy always appears as the consequence of years of bad control of high blood pressure. High blood pressure is also called Hypertension in some areas and it refers to the high impact of blood pressure on blood vessel wall. Kidneys serve us as filter and it works by filtering blood, so in kidney, there are lots of large or small blood vessels. High blood pressure increases the permeability of blood vessels in the kidney, as a result of which, protein leak out and thus form proteinuria. If this condition lasts for a long time, further kidney damages will be caused and also various symptoms will appear.

How to protect kidney from being affected by high blood pressure?

Since high blood pressure can cause kidney problem directly, it is necessary to bring blood pressure under control. Well, what can we do in our daily life to help us achieve this goal easily?

1. Drugs

ACEI (Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors) and ARBs (Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers) are the most commonly used oral medicines for high blood pressure among kidney disease patients. They work quickly and aside from bringing blood pressure into normal range, it also assists to reduce protein in urine and slow down illness progression. Additional, although ACEI and ARBs are helpful, but they are only available for Hypertensive Nepropathy patients whose illness is still in early stage. For these with advanced kidney problem, calcium channel blockers are recommended.

2. Scientific diet

A well-planed diet is also very important. For Hypertensive Nephropathy patients or people who have history of this illness, it is better or beneficial for them to follow on a low-salt diet. For this reason, they need to add less salt while cooking and also stay far away from pickles foods and processed foods.

3. Regular physical exercises

Regular physical exercise also contributes to the tight control of blood pressure; however for these with severe illness condition, they’d better have more bed rests and avoid doing drastic physical activities.

Lastly, high blood pressure is the second leading cause of kidney problem around the world, so it is meaningful for us to do something to raise Hypertension patients’ awareness for Hypertensive Nephropathy. About this aspect, if you have any good idea, you can leave us message directly and we are ready to help anyone fight against chronic kidney problem.

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