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FSGS is the abbreviation of Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis which is a kidney problem and mainly involves in glomeruli. It is the leading causes of Nephrotic Syndrome among children and adolescents.

  1. Particular Chinese therapies reverse FSGS

    More and more FSGS patients asked whether there are alternative treatments for them. Luckily, the answer is YES! If you are also suffering from this problems, perhaps this article can help you. Now I will introduce some particular Chinese t...

    Release time: 2014-08-28 07:28:20
  2. Chinese Medicine for FSGS with Protein in Urine

    Due to the side effects of western drugs, more and more foreign patients are coming to China for Chinese medicine. In this article, we will introduce the Chinese medicine for FSGS with protein in urine. In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospit...

    Release time: 2014-07-04 10:26:07
  3. Some Effective Methods to Own a Normal Life with Proteinuria in FSGS

    Nowadays, more and more patients are troubled by proteinuria in FSGS, today, we will talk about some effective methods to own a normal life with protein in FSGS. FSGS is not deadly in the early stage, but if left alone, it will develop into...

    Release time: 2014-05-30 07:52:59
  4. Is There an Effective Method to Improve the prognosis of FSGS

    FSGS is a severe kidney disease in clinic, so, is there an effective method to improve the prognosis and own a high-quality life? Please read on to find the answer. Generally speaking, FSGS affects both children and adults, men are affected...

    Release time: 2014-05-19 08:48:04
  5. Top 4 Diet Principles of FSGS

    Patients who are diagnosed with FSGS are eager to have a personalized diet since the diet limitation for them is very strict, next, we will introduce the top 4 diet principles of the disease. Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is a d...

    Release time: 2014-05-19 07:49:53
  6. High Creatinine Level in People With FSGS

    High Creatinine level is a common symptom of FSGS, next, we will analyze the cause and give you an effective treatment. FSGS refers to a medical condition in which parts of glomeruli becomes scarred, with the time, renal function will decli...

    Release time: 2014-05-16 02:26:25


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