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Can A Patient With FSGS Eat Cranberry

Time:  2014-01-18 07:22

Can A Patient With FSGS Eat CranberryCranberries are bitter-tasting berries which are full of powerful phytochemicals that protect body from illness. When someone is diagnosed with FSGS, he must be eager to know whether they can eat cranberries. Here we will help him to find the answer.

Generally speaking, whether a person can eat certain fruits depends on the nutrition and benefits of the foods, so cranberry is. According to the research, it is said that cranberry is rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber. Besides, it also contains calcium, phosphorus,potassium, sodium, vitamin A and so on. With this regard, almost kidney disease patients can not eat cranberries until their phosphorus and potassium level is higher than normal.

What is more, the following benefits of cranberry is another determining factor.

1. Cranberry helps you avoid urinary tract infection or bladder infection.

Phytochemicals in raw cranberries prevent the bacteria E.coli from sticking to the walls of urinary tract. As many as 90 percent of urinary tract infections are caused by this strain of bacteria. Consuming some cranberries can help reduce the risk of suffering from a painful urinary tract or bladder infection.

2. Reduce blood fat

Cranberry can prevent the occurence of arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

3. Avoid cardiovascular disease

Vanguard-concentration of tannic acid in this fruit is able to slow down the speed up its progression of cardiovascular disease and keep healthy cardiovascular system. We know cardiovascular disease is a fatal complication of kidney disease and many people die of its complications. Therefore, delay the progression of cardiovascular disease does a lot to FSGS patients.

4. Protect kidney function

The most important benefit of cranberry is protect kidney function. This is because the high amount of acid components in cranberry prevents kidney stone formation. Besides, it can also cleanse the kidneys from bacteria.

From the above, we can see FSGS patients can ear cranberries. However, it does not mean they can eat it without plan. Too much or too many can not come to the best treatment result, so before eating them, you can have a talk with your doctor or you can just consult our online doctor. They may tell you the proper amount you should eat. Remember if you have high potassium or phosphorus level, you should control the amount of cranberry.

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