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Chinese Medicine Can Treat Kidney Disease



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FAQs for kidney disease patients and illness analysis by kidney expert

  1. Should Chronic Nephritis Patient Give Up The Meaning Of Life.

    Patient : hi, doctor. I am a chronic nephritis patient for 2 years. I take medicine to control the illness conditions in stable. Doctor : hi, what can i do to help you? Patient : i can not believe the kidney disease that happen to me and gr...

    Release time: 2017-07-23 16:10:37
  2. Can I Recover My Kidney Function With Dialysis

    Patient : hi, doctor. Can i recover my kidney function with dialysis? Doctor : how long have you been on dialysis? Patient : 3 years. Doctor : do you have high blood pressure, high blood sugar, anemia, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, poor appeti...

    Release time: 2017-07-21 17:27:41
  3. What Treatments Help Shrink The Kidney Cysts Naturally?

    Patient : hi, doctor. What treatments help shrink the kidney cysts naturally? Doctor : are you the patient? Patient : my father. Doctor : please tell me the size of the kidney cysts. Patient : 27x23mm Doctor : there is only one cyst or many...

    Release time: 2017-07-20 15:32:08
  4. Is There A Hospital Branch About Chinese Medicine

    Patient : do you have a clinic or branch hospital in India? Doctor : sorry, our natural treatments only in china. What can i do for you? Patient : there are lots of kidney disease patients out here, i hope you can also extend your expertise...

    Release time: 2017-07-19 10:18:40
  5. How Much Will Cost Of Improving Kidney Function

    Patient : hi,doctor. How is the cost of improving my kidney function with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy? Doctor : how is your creatinine level? Patient : creatinine 388. Doctor : do you have high blood pressure, high blood sugar, anemi...

    Release time: 2017-07-18 14:14:58
  6. The Best Treatment For 50% Kidney Function Patients

    Patient : hi, doctor. I am a chronic kidney disease. My kidney function is 50% that what should i do. Doctor : do you have high blood pressure, high blood sugar, anemia? Patient : no. Doctor : do you have protein in urine? Patient : yes, my...

    Release time: 2017-07-17 16:44:47


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