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Chinese Medicine Can Treat Kidney Disease

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Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD) is a condition marked by a gradual loss of kidney function. And the kidneys are damaged and lose their ability to keep you healthy by doing the jobs. If your kidneys get some wrong

  1. Why Do Patients With CKD Feel Tired Easily

    Patients with CKD always feel tired easily, which they are very confused about. Here we will make detailed explanation for you and hope it can remove your doubts and be helpful to you. What makes them feel tired? Anemia is the main cause wh...

    Release time: 2014-01-22 05:56:58
  2. How Hot Compress Therapy Effect Kidney function

    Kidney damages can be caused by many factors such as persistent high blood pressure and diabetes. If these factors are not under control for a long period of time, kidney damages will be aggravated. In this condition, an effective treatment...

    Release time: 2014-01-22 03:41:51
  3. How The Chinese Herbs Cure Stage 4 Kidney Disease

    Can stage 4 kidney disease be cured? How the Chinese herbs cure kidney disease? Follow us to learn more about of Chinese herbs in treating kidney disease. What does stage 4 kidney disease mean? According to glomerular filtration rate(GFR),...

    Release time: 2014-01-22 02:13:46
  4. Does It Mean You Have Kidney Disease When You Have Proteinuria

    Does it all mean you have kidney disease when you have protein in urine? We know proteinuria is an important indicator of chronic kidney disease, so once people have protein in urine or bubbly urine, they suspect of having chronic kidney di...

    Release time: 2014-01-21 07:31:26
  5. What Is The Proteinuria Diet Therapy For Kidney Disease

    What is the diet for proteinuria diet for kidney disease? Kidney disease patients usually have the symptom of proteinuria. This is because the filtration function of glomerular membrane and re-absorption function of renal tubules are damage...

    Release time: 2014-01-21 06:46:19
  6. Yoga: A Natural Remedy For Chronic Kidney Disease

    Physical activity can improve the quality of life for people with kidney disease both physically and emotionally. Having a chronic disease like chronic kidney disease will put a strain on the body and challenges people emotionally. Inadequa...

    Release time: 2014-01-21 03:56:03


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