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3 Kinds Of High Salt Food Will Aggravate Edema And High Blood Pressure In Chronic Kidney Failure

Time:  2018-04-25 16:29

Low salt diet is the most basic requirement in the diet of kidney disease. Especially for patients with edema and hypertension, it can reduce the metabolic pressure of the kidney and the retention of water and sodium, and help to reduce the symptoms of edema caused by kidney disease and hypertension.

3 kinds of food with high salt content

1. Cookies, cakes, bread, and other pastries

This kind of food tastes sweet for many people, without salty taste. It is natural to think that salt content is not high. But in fact, it contains a lot of salt, especially stuffed cakes. If you have observed carefully, the ingredients list on the package will be able to detect problems.

For example, slice bread, each 100 grams of sodium content has 200mg, 1 grams of salt contains about 400mg sodium salt, if converted to salt, each 100 grams of bread is 0.5 grams of salt. Eat a few slices a day and take at least half of the salt consumed (3G) per day.

2. A variety of drinks, such as fruit juice, carbonic acid, etc.

Some drinks on the market are sweet and even tasteless, but in fact, some of them contain some salt.

The study found that 1 cans of 600 milliliters of sports drinks might contain 252 milligrams of sodium. Thus it can be seen that the salt content is also quite high. In addition, the drink usually contains fruit acid, and the sugar content is also high, not conducive to nephrotic patients to control uric acid, blood sugar and other indicators, so the kidney patients usually reduce drink drink.

3. Preserved fruit, plum and other preserved fruit

In addition to high sugar content, the salt content is not to be underestimated.

Because it tastes sour and sweet, it counteracts the effect of salt and makes it easy to ignore its salt.

Usually in the supermarket can buy preserved fruit, there are also bulk bags, which can be seen from the packaging belt to see the composition of preserved fruit.

From the supermarket to buy the bag of plum, about every 100g preserved sodium content is 2590mg, almost eat 10 (30g), the intake of salt is already accounted for more than 50% of the total amount of salt required for a day.

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