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How To Save Damaged Kidney For Prolonging Life Expectancy?

Time:  2018-01-04 13:43

winterChronic kidney disease is difficult to cure in all over the world. Although ACEI and ARB can delay CKD progression, CKD incidence and mortality rates continue to increase. Chinese medicine has been confirmed to prolong life expectancy for kidney disease patients.

Kidney’s job is to clean our body by removing toxins and excess wastes. Kidneys filter the blood, wastes are passed out of body through urine, if kidney is damaged that toxins and excess wastes will build up in body, which can not be eliminated out. Too much toxins and excess wastes are easy to cause a series of symptoms, so patients will suffer from: nausea, vomiting, fatigue, poor appetite, proteinuria, hematuria. All the symptoms are due to damaged kidney.

The various systems of the body are an organic whole. Once the kidney problems, the functions of other systems can not maintain the balance of the body completely. So that is why patients will die to all kinds of complications in the end stage renal disease.

So how to save damaged kidney for prolonging life expectancy?

Clearing away toxins and excess wastes, recovering kidney function, adjusting internal environment.

Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine develops the systematic treatments for kidney disease patients, which is very popular in china. Various of chinese herbal medicines are used in the treatments, experts will depend on your illness conditions to give treatments, so it is accurate your kidney disease.

Systematic treatments can achieve to create a good and healthy internal environment, balance body systems, repair diseased cells and tissues for improving kidney function. So it can improve kidney function and rebuild kidney structures, all the complications can be relieved in 10-15 days. Systematic treatments can save your kidney successfully and effectively.

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