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Chinese Medicine Can Treat Kidney Disease



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How Does Chinese Herbs Rhubarb Treat Kidney Problems

Time:  2014-02-07 08:51

How Does Chinese Herbs Rhubard Treat Kidney ProblemsIt is a known fact that Chinese herbs have an outstanding effects on treating kidney problems, and Chinese medicines have survived many patients coming from different countries, which explains why it meets with great honor in China. Rhubarb, as one of conventional medicines of Chinese medicine, has shown great effects on healing kidney problems. What healthy benefits can rhubarb bring for kidney disease patients?

Healthy benefits of rhubard

1. Decrease high blood urea nitrogen level

High blood urea nitrogen is an indicator of kidney damage just like high creatinine level. Chinese herb rhubarb is able to degrade nitrogen compound in the blood, as a result wastes like blood urea nitrogen will be discharged from the body.

2. Treat urinary tract infection

It is reported that some traditional Chinese medicines, like rhizoma smilacis glabrae and golden cypress etc, plus rhubard treat 23 cases of pyelonephritis, 19 of them get clinical remission. Besides, rhubarb is able to correct urocystitis and acute urinary tract infection.

3. Ease proteinuria in kidney disease

A majority of patients have proteinuria, and rhubarb can ease proteinuria effectively.

4. Improve kidney function

Kidney function improvement should be the biggest concern of patients, because as long as the kidney function is reversed to some extent, corresponding symptoms will be alleviated. Rhubrab shows an obvious effects on improving kidney function through regulating the nerve humoral immune system.

4. Diuretic function

Kidney disease patients often experience constipation, causing excess wastes products and toxins accumulation in your body. Rhubard as a natural diuretic is able to ease patients’ constipation.

In addition, Chinese herb rhubarb also works for enhancing blood circulation, removing blood stasis, anticoagulation, antibacterial and anti-inflammation, inhibition of proliferation of glomerular filtration rate, etc.

Rhubarb is a natural remedy for kidney disease by regulating patients’ whole health conditions. However, any medicine will have side effects, so does rhubard, like bone loss, muscular weakness, irregular heartbeat and so on. Under this condition, please consult your online doctor if you want to know whether this medicine is suitable for you.

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