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Yoga: A Natural Remedy For Chronic Kidney Disease

Time:  2014-01-21 03:56

Yoga: A Natural Remedy For Chronic Kidney DiseasePhysical activity can improve the quality of life for people with kidney disease both physically and emotionally. Having a chronic disease like chronic kidney disease will put a strain on the body and challenges people emotionally. Inadequate physical activity leads to weaker muscles. What is more, poor activity is more susceptible to illness. and we know yoga, as a commonly known generic term for physical, is said to have medical treatment, so many kidney disease patients wonder if their kidney problem can be cured through yoga.Practicing yoga has a lot of benefits to various disease and illness conditions such as back pain, headache, joint pain, insomnia, digestive disorder, hair loss and so on. Well, we will introduce what you can benefit from yoga.

1. Yoga has the function of regulating internal environment, promoting endocrine function and improving blood circulations. In this condition, it will increase blood flow to the kidneys so as to relieve renal ischemia and hypoxia. What is more, renal tissues can get adequate supply of blood, oxygen and necessary nutritions.

2. Yoga can increase renal filtering functions so as to excrete more wastes outsides, cleanse the kidneys and purify the bloodstream.

3. Yoga helps dissolve and discharge stones in the kidneys, liver and gallbladder so as to keep patients from surgery. Yoga treatment for kidney stone is a natural,gentle and safe remedy.

However, although yoga has many benefits, it does not mean all all people can do yoga. We know some yoga poses need us to have twist, back bends or some other more difficult postures. As for healthy people, it is ok, while some kidney disease patients are not allowed to do these twisty poses. For example, PKD is a kind of kidney disease in which the kidneys are covered by countless cysts. These cysts are filled with yellow fluid and enlarge over time. When the cysts enlarge to a certain size, they easily rupture and they may even rupture due to light knock on the waist location. In this case, sufferers need to protect their waist from any poses. Therefore, patients with big cysts are usually not allowed to do yoga.

Yoga has many benefits, but if we do not use it properly, they will pose a risk factor for our health. Therefore, it is necessary to practice under the guidance of professional practitioner if you are a beginner of yoga.

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