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Learn More About Kidney Biopsy On Chronic Kidney Disease

Time:  2014-02-15 03:11

Learn More About Kidney Biopsy On Chronic Kidney Disease A renal biopsy, also called kidney biopsy. It is an exact test to diagnose kidney problems. Will kidney biopsy cause side-effects? And what are side-effects of kidney biopsy?

1. What is kidney biopsy?

Kidney biopsy is a procedure in which a needle is needed to remove a small piece of kidney tissue for microscope examination for any signs of disease or damage. Kidney biopsy is needed if imaging techniques, urine tests and blood tests are not enough to provide information relating to your kidney problems. It is done to determine how quickly a kidney disease is worsening and diagnose kidney problems in a more accurate manner.

2. What happens after a kidney biopsy?

Patients after this test lie on their backs in the hospital for a few hours. For patients with kidney transplant, they lie on their stomachs. In this period, the doctors and nurses will monitor blood pressure and pulse and take blood samples to asses for blood loss. Sometimes when bleeding dose not stop on its own, it is necessary for a transfusion to be taken to replace lost blood. A majority of patients can leave the hospital the same day. Some patients are more likely to find some blood in their urine for 24 hours after their test.

3. What is the complication of kidney biopsy?

After a kidney biopsy, there are pain, blood in the urine, arteriovenous fistula or accidental damage of vein or artery walls, and hematoma which are common complications of kidney biopsy.

4. What is the side effect of renal biopsy?

Pain and soreness of renal biopsy lasts for hours on end. Besides, infection is a rare complication of kidney biopsy.

Though a renal biopsy can help in forming a diagnosis and in choosing the best course of treatment, it also exerts many risks for patients like damage on the nearby artery walls, hematoma around the kidney and infection. Therefore, you should consult your doctor before taking biopsy.

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