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Renal Anemia

Time:  2014-01-07 16:38

Renal Anemia What is renal anemia?

Renal anemia refers that anemia is caused by various factors which lead to the deficiency of erythropoietin or some toxins in uremia interfere in the formation of red blood cells. And renal anemia is a complication of chronic kidney dysfunction advancing to end stage. The degree of anemia is related to the degree of declining kidney function. Renal anemia is the concomitant symptom of chronic kidney disease. Once a person with chronic kidney disease presents renal anemia, he usually have these symptoms of sallow complexion, pale lips and cadaverous eye conjunctiva and so on.

The pathology of renal anemia

Renal anemia is caused due to the damage of kidney function. Along with the vicious development of chronic kidney disease, patients often have renal anemia when patients’ kidneys are seriously damaged and the serum creatinine is higher than 3.5mg/dl.

What factors can lead to renal anemia?

When renal function is in the early stage of damage, the total amount of erythropoietin secreted by kidneys can not meet the need of your body. This is the main reason causing renal anemia.

What’s more, when patients are with chronic kidney dysfunction or uremia, lots of metabolic toxins will accumulate in their bodies which is going to shorten the existing life of red blood cells, and renal anemia also occurs;

the synthesis of red blood cells is deficiency because of decline of iron intake and increase of lost iron;

patients with chronic kidney disease control protein intake for a long time while urine protein flows out of the body continuously;

Chronic kidney disease patients often have hemorrhagic tendency.

All the above factors are likely to result in renal anemia of chronic kidney disease patients.

Specific symptoms of renal anemia

1. Decreased Erythropoietin

Due to injury of kidney function, it leads to the decrease of erythropoietin factor and erythropoietin, which affects the generation of bone marrow and occurrence of mature red blood cells. This is also the most important reason of renal anemia.

2. Malnutrition

Chronic kidney disease patients control protein intake strictly and the amount of protein excreted via urine is increased which makes the decline of plasma protein concentration. The decline of protein as hematopoietic raw material is able to lead to renal anemia.

3. Bleeding

The patients in chronic kidney disease especially in the end stage of chronic renal failure usually have hemorrhagic tendency. For instance, the bleeding of epistaxis and gingiva as well as the deficiency of body is able to cause renal anemia.

4. Toxic substances

Kidneys have the ability of excretion and secretion function and are able to filter metabolic wastes and toxins out of the body via urine. Besides, kidneys also play an important role in secreting erythropoietin. Damaged kidneys, due to various of pathological reasons, result in the deficiency of erythropoietin or can not excrete toxic substances out of the body normally. In this case, toxic substances in chronic kidney disease patients interfere the produce and metabolism, which triggers renal anemia.

The key point of preventing renal anemia is to control kidney disease itself. For primary kidney disease, such as pyelonephritis, diabetes and systemic lupus erythematous, we should take treatment actively. Besides, patients should have enough rest, avoid tiredness and prevent inflammation of skin and oral cavity. Taking proper treatment and avoiding some inflammation is able to alleviate your illness conditions. We hope this article provides some information for you and sincerely hope you feel better as soon as possible. And if you have any question, you just consult our online doctor for free.

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