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You Should Know The Key Indicators Of Kidney Disease

Time:  2018-04-26 15:27

Today, I introduce the key indicators of kidney disease, and how to relieve them in a good state.

1. Smooth blood pressure

Blood pressure is one of the factors that affect the progression of kidney disease, and it is the most important factor affecting the final outcome of kidney disease (not one). If your onset of blood pressure is not high, the treatment process will be much more successful than the onset of hypertension (often indicative of more serious pathology). If your blood pressure is below 140/90, it will not damage the capillaries of the kidneys, and it will have little effect on the progression of kidney disease.

2. Continuous remission of urine protein

Massive proteinuria is a major feature of nephrotic syndrome and a common manifestation of nephritic syndrome. If your 24 hour urine protein level is within 0.5g, the clinical cure standard of urinary protein is achieved. After 18 months of clinical cure, the relapse probability will be greatly reduced. 2-5 years later, it will be cured.

3. Anaemia is corrected

Renal anemia is a common phenomenon in patients with renal failure due to insufficient production of erythropoietin (Epo). If your hemoglobin is above 110g/L (100 of elderly patients), it can effectively improve the state of renal ischemia and hypoxia.

4. Low level of blood sugar

Diabetic nephropathy is increasing, especially in dialysis patients. Hyperglycemia can damage the capillaries, the blood sugar of the diabetic does not drop to the normal value. If your fasting blood sugar can be controlled below 7mmol/L, it is also a bonus for the treatment process of kidney disease.

Serum creatinine within 5. compensatory period

As a ruler of various renal function indicators, serum creatinine still has a high voice in evaluating renal function. If your serum creatinine is below 177 mol/L, doctors will have more ways to protect your kidneys.

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