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Complications Of High Uric Acid Will Damage Your Kidney Gradually

Time:  2018-04-24 10:29

High uric acid indicates that the human body's blood uric acid is too high, and uric acid is the final product of the purine after the body metabolism, if uric acid deposits too much, or because of a variety of reasons not timely discharge and accumulation in the body, it will be harmful to many organs of the human body.

Most people know that uric acid deposits in the bones and joints, causing gout, but the harm of high uric acid is not just gout.

1. Hypertension

An experiment was reported in the literature that the blood uric acid level of rats was increased by 96 mol/L in 7 weeks by inducer, and the change of blood pressure was: the average systolic blood pressure increased by 2.2mmHg. If the blood uric acid is used at the same time, when the blood uric acid reaches normal, the blood pressure does not rise, so there is a certain causal relationship between the blood uric acid and hypertension.

2. Diabetes

Hyperuricemia is an independent risk factor for type 2 diabetes. It is found that hyperuricemia can reduce the ability of the human body to use glucose, which affects the role of insulin and leads to the rise of blood sugar.

3. cardiovascular disease

Long-term hyperuricemia may have a continuous stimulation of the wall of the blood vessel, which will lead to the formation of plaque on the inner wall of the blood vessel, which will lead to coronary heart disease, angina, and plaque, if the plaque falls off, there will be myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction and so on.

4. gouty kidney

It must be familiar to everyone. When the gout has been a long time, it can damage the kidneys. A large amount of uric acid deposits in the body, induces endothelial damage, changes the hemodynamics of the kidney, accelerates the inflammatory reaction of kidney tissue, and causes kidney disease. If the condition is not well controlled, the disease will develop further and deteriorate to renal failure.

How to avoid uric acid in daily life?

First, restrict high purine foods such as animal viscera, seafood, beer and thick soup. Eat less hot pot and don't drink soup. Try not to drink a drink and drink more water.

Once uric acid rises, it will cause serious harm to our health.

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