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Chinese Medicine Can Treat Kidney Disease



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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is created by Zhang Sanfeng, which is a famous martial artist in ancient China. Tai Chi is a perfect combination of wisdom, martial arts, Chinese medicine, etc, and it is a famous exercise in the world, which is well known for its outstanding function of self-defense and health maintenance. And after thousands of years development, it has been proved very beneficial for our physical and psychological health.

What are the characteristics of Tai Chi?

1.Comprehensiveness: Tai Chi is a exercise that contains many disciplines, like classical literature, physics, medical science, martial arts, psychology, sports biomechanics, etc, and it reflects oriental philosophy, outlook on life, moral value, etc.

2. Security: the action in Tai Chi is soft and slower, and its movements are easy to learn. Besides, it can be taken by people with different ages, and people can choose the type according to their own condition. Besides, the movements of Tai Chi are mild and soft, so that it avoid the damage to muscle, joints, ligament, etc, when people do martial arts.

What are the benefits of Tai Chi for our body health?

Tai Chi also combines Chi gong and Merdian-collateral theory of Chinese medicine, which is also an effective measure of health preservation.

1. Regulating breathing: an obvious function of Tai Chi is it has obvious effect in regulating people’s breathing. The body movements of Tai Chi, like the bend and stretch of patient’s arms and legs, can help regulate patient’s breathing, because the movements has decided what breathing degree and measure are suitable for our body. And that is also known as Chi gong, which is an ancient regimen of china.

2. Tai Chi also combines merdian-collateral theory of Chinese medicine, and that makes it have obvious effect in improving people’s body function, which can help promote our body’s qi-blood circulation. Besides, this theory is also an important part in its function of martial art.

3. Relieving stress and pressure: Tai Chi is not just an exercise, a martial art, and it is also famous for its effect in regulating patient’s amotion. Tai Chi is very beneficial for people’s emotional health, and it has well function in relieving stress and pressure.

To sum up, Tai Chi is a suitable for patient who want to improve his condition by taking exercise, and it has mild movements and do not need much space.

For patients with kidney disease, their disease decides strenuous exercise is not suitable for his condition, and Tai Chi is also a good choice for them to improve their health.

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