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Chinese Medicine Can Treat Kidney Disease



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What is massage?

Massage can be used not only for kidney disease patients but also for healthy people. And massage is based on the Traditional Chinese medicines and meridian doctrine. Also it combines western anatomy with pathological diagnosis and manipulation is targeted on the specific part of human body. With this manipulation, it can regulate body’s physiological function, pathological condition so as to achieve the goal of physiotherapy. In the term of nature, massage is a physical therapy. Kidney disease patients adopting massage due to its following advantages.

In general, massage can be classified into medical massage, therapeutic massage and sports massage. Massage has the advantages of stretching, relieving stress, relieving migraine, promoting blood circulation and discharging toxins and so on.

1. Medical massage

It is the oldest physical therapy in order to reach the goal of treat disease. Apart from treating surgical diseases, massage can also cure medical disease especially for chronic disease, functional disease and developmental disease with good efficacy.

2. Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage refers that the massage therapists use manipulation to massage in proper part of human body. The stimulating information can influence the adjustment function of human body neurohumor so as to eliminate fatigue, adjust the information in the body, enhance physical fitness and prolong life expectancy.

Therapeutic massage has a wide range of use ranging from old and young, physical strength and healthy and unhealthy people.

3. Sports massage

Sports combines with hygiene, so the two must promote and develop each other. The application of massage in sports will develop and gradually massage forms sports massage.

The sports massage is used to achieve the amin of regulating and protecting good competitive state of athletes, promoting and developing the potential energy which contributes to achieve good performance in the competition. Recently, some practices show that the role of massage played in achieving good performance has become more and more important.

Apart from the above merits massage have, massage is also able to be beneficial to circulatory system and metabolism. Especially for patients with general chronic disease or great weakness, massage is more safer and reliable. For children who cannot eat medicines, massage can strengthen children’s physical fitness to get the result of prevention and health care. However, for complex diseases, massage can be combined with acupuncture and medications to treat the diseases, while massage is just an adjuvant therapy for some acute diseases or lesions on organs.

Massage has the above advantages including benefits in clinic, health care and sports. Massage is health-beneficial and it works by enhancing patients’ self-curative ability, inhibiting motor-neuron excitability, promoting relaxation and well-being and so on. Massage can be used as an adjuvant therapy while treating kidney disease.

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