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Chinese Medicine Can Treat Kidney Disease



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What is immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is an alternative treatment for kidney disease particularly which is caused by autoimmune disease. This therapy is adopted the combination of Chinese herbal medicines and western medicines, showing outstanding therapeutic effects on not only treating kidney disease but also regulating patients’ immune system.

How does immune system work?

The immune system is the system of specialized cells and organs that protect an organism from outside biological influences. There are two branches of the system: innate system and the back-up system. People’s innate system is very powerful, which has the ability of protecting people from being affected by illnesses. Besides, to guarantee the safety of innate system, the body also has a back-up system.

Generally, a disease happens when:

The amount of invaders exceeds the immune system’s ability to remove them;

Although foreign bodies do not increase, the removal ability of the innate immune system declines abnormally, resulting in ineffective clearance of foreign bodies.

Apart from the cases, when the innate immune system become maladaptation, people will get diseases. Then, can you guess what will happen if there is disorder of innate immune system? In this case, the back-up system will be activated in order to help fight against diseases.

For a prolonged period of time, the pathological foreign substances will be cleared up completely by the combined action of the innate immune system and back-up system, so people can regain health. Then, the back-up system will stop working and the innate system starts to function alone.

Why kidney disease is treated by immunotherapy?

This is because the link between immune system and kidney disease. It is reported that 85%-90% of kidney disease can be caused by improper immune system and low immunity. Normally, we human beings can keep far away from the attack of bacteria or virus is due to the strong immune system.

Unfortunately, once our immune system is disturbed, antigen can combine antibodies easily so as to form immune complexes. In this case, these complexes can accumulate in any part of our body to cause damage via blood circulation. Kidney disease like IgA Nephropathy, Lupus Nephritis and Purpura Nephritis happens as a result of the immune complex deposition in kidney. On the basis of this, many nephrologists work together creating immunotherapy recently.

How to treat kidney disease with immunotherapy?

Generally, immunotherapy is divided into six steps to treat kidney disease, including:

1. An accurate diagnosis

A comprehensive and systematic diagnosis and evaluation for patients can guarantee the best curative effect. Apart from common tests, specific examinations also contribute to make an accurate diagnosis of patient’s personalized disease condition. The specific examinations include Complement Tests, Hematuria Position, Series of Kidney Damage Tests, Lymphocyte Subsets Test, Uremic Toxins Tests of Kidney Disease.

2. Immune blocking

The aim of immune blocking is to prevent the repeat recurrences of kidney diseases such as Nephrotic Syndrome and IgA Nephropathy. From the above, we know the attack of immune system is the direct cause of kidney disease. Therefore, blocking the attack is a must to prevent immune inflammatory response, make the abnormal inflammatory reaction disappear quickly, and stop the abnormal damage of renal intrinsic cells so as to inhibit further kidney damage.

3. Immune clearance

Immune clearance is used different blood purification techniques to not only eliminate waste products, toxins and excess water from the blood but also clear away immune complexes. In this case, kidneys can avoid damage successfully.

4. Immune tolerance

Immune tolerance refers that making our kidneys accept the fact that immune complexes deposit in the kidneys, which is because it is impossible to remove all of these immune complexes in a short time. That means immune tolerance is needed to make our kidney live together with these complexes for the time being.

5. Immune regulation

Although immune clearance is able to remove immune complexes, abnormal immune system and poor immunity can lead to the immune complexes formation again. And the kidney disease easily relapse. Immune regulation is used to normalizing patients’ immune system and enhance patients’ immunity, so as to control patients’ disease radically.

6. Immune protection

Immune protection is a systematic and comprehensive therapy. Therefore, after treating inflammatory reaction, patients should also focus on nursing care, scientific diet and healthy lifestyle to protect themselves from infections. With strong immune system and scientific diet, patients can keep from away from pathogenic factors.

Immunotherapy is used to repair, stimulate and enhance the body’s natural immune responses. Immunotherapy is characterized by suppressing the processes of kidney disease progression, promoting human body’s natural ability to repair cells which have been damaged by hypersensitivity and alleviate kidney disease symptoms as well as treating the disease radically. According to personal illness conditions, a scientific treatment plan is made to get the best treatment results.

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