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Chinese Medicine Can Treat Kidney Disease



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 Foot Bath

Foot bath is one natural remedy that can help fight against various disease as well as kidney disease. For renal patients, taking foot bath regularly, they can find a difference about their overall health condition. How does foot bath help treat kidney disease?

Firstly, have an overview of foot bath

As introduced by doctors of TCM, foot is the organ than is farthest from the heart, but its burden is heaviest. Therefore, poor blood circulation is more likely to appear here. Foot bath is just such a treatment that focuses on improving the blood circulation in feet, so as to spread to the whole body. Foot bath has a good auxiliary effect on treating a variety of diseases.

Secondly, find out what kidney disease patients can get from foot bath.

1. Regulate blood pressure: High blood pressure is one leading cause and complication of chronic kidney disease. If left alone, it can cause further kidney damage easily. Put some herbal medicines, which has the effect of lowering high blood pressure, into your bath water so that you can have an obvious improvement.

2. Improve blood circulation: Foot bath can improve the blood circulation in feet. With the action of warm water, it can expand the blood vessels throughout the feet and increase the temperature in feet. It is proven that foot bath can also improve the blood circulation throughout the whole body.

3. Ease fatigue: Foot bath can help remove the waste products building up in the feet out of the body. This can help kidney patients not only get rid of fatigue but also improve their sleep quality.

4. Enhance immune system: When patients are suffering from kidney disease, they are usually at high risk of low immunity. In this case, foot fath can expand blood vessels all over the body, so as to supply enough blood and oxygen to cells. This is good to boost patients’ immunity.

Finally, make sure whether you can take foot bath.

Even though foot bath is one natural remedy to treat kidney disease, not all kidney patients can use it. If you have bleeding in your foot, problems in your skin, serious heart disease, etc, you had better avoid foot bath. In view of this, to make you take foot bath safely, you had better consult the doctor online firstly.

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