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Chinese Medicine Can Treat Kidney Disease



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Polluted Blood Therapy and Kidney Disease

What is Polluted Blood Therapy?

Polluted Blood Therapy is another treatment to kidney failure besides dialysis and kidney transplant. Different from the other therapies, Polluted Blood Therapy treats kidney disease from the polluted blood.

Why we choose Polluted Blood Therapy for kidney disease?

Blood is responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrition to various organs as well as kidney. Kidney has the function of filtering excess fluid,wastes and toxins from the blood. As long as the blood circulation is damaged, kidney will be affected due to ischemia and anoxia. On the contrary, if the kidney is damaged, the blood will be polluted due to wastes and toxins building up and the polluted blood in turn leads to further damage of kidney. Therefore, it is necessary to treat the polluted blood when treating kidney disease.

What is the process of Polluted Blood Therapy in treating kidney disease?

The process of Polluted Blood Therapy in treating kidney disease consists of three steps:

1. Blood purification stereoscopic therapies

Blood purification stereoscopic therapies include immune adsorption, hemoperfusion, plasma exchange, hemodialysis, enema therapy, hot compress, oral Chinese medicine and so on. According to the different state of illness, different therapies are used to clean the blood. Sometimes they may be all used. They can not only remove blood stasis and toxins in the blood, but also clear the clogged substances adhering to the vascular wall.

2. Essential elements supplementation

After the first step, you may have blood test to check the damaged degree of hemocyte, blood coagulation, secretion and metabolic mechanism and so on. And then supply the absent elements to your blood.

3. Kidney function rebuilding

Our body has immense healing power. When the blood return normal to provide enough nutrition and oxygen to kidneys, the injured kidney inherent cells will gradually recover.

What are the curative effects of Polluted Blood Therapy on kidney disease?

There are a lot of curative effects of Polluted Blood Therapy on kidney disease. Some are listed in the following:

1. Increase appetite

2. Improve sleep quality

3. Increase urine output

4. Reduce proteinuria and hematuria

5. Lower blood pressure

6. Decrease creatinine and BUN

7. Improve GFR

Though Polluted Blood Therapy can not cure kidney disease, it can help you get rid of dialysis and kidney transplant. You can live a full and normal life.

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