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Chinese Medicine Can Treat Kidney Disease



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Chronic Nephritis

Chronic nephritis is a kidney disease in which the glomerular is inflamed and scarred. The inflammation can damage one or two kidneys. This inflammation can be triggered by infection, but the most common reason is autoimmune disorders that affect the major organs.

  1. Is Apple Good For Chronic Nephritis With Intractable Edema?

    Most of people like to eat apple for vitamin supplements. There are many limits in kidney disease patients. So more and more people want to know can i eat apple chronic nephritis with intractable edema? Is apple good for kidney disease? App...

    Release time: 2017-06-12 16:47:40
  2. How To Alleviate The Skin Itching of Chronic Nephritis?

    Hi, doctor i am a chronic nephritis patient that the western medicines has no effects on my skin itching. So i want to know how to alleviate the skin itching of chronic nephritis? Why patients have the symptoms of skin itching? Patients who...

    Release time: 2017-06-11 15:54:31
  3. How To Stop The Process of Chronic Nephritis To Kidney Failure?

    The end stage of chronic nephritis is kidney failure. Patients who are on kidney failure that they commonly choose dialysis to maintain life. So more and more people want to know how to stop the process of chronic nephritis to kidney failur...

    Release time: 2017-06-11 15:51:20
  4. Can I Eat Black Rice For Chronic Nephritis With Intractable Edema?

    There are many limits in food for kidney disease patients, i want to know can i eat black rice for chronic nephritis with intractable edema? Black rice with free radicals, improve anemia, anti stress response and immune regulation functions...

    Release time: 2017-06-09 18:35:46
  5. Can Chinese Medicine Remedy Chronic Nephritis With Intractable Edema

    Our chairman has made great efforts to promote the internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine, and there are many Chinese medicine hospitals around the world to disseminate Chinese medicine and benefit the whole world. So more and...

    Release time: 2017-06-09 09:05:08
  6. Is There A Reverse For Chronic Nephritis With Proteinuria?

    The proteinuria and blood in urine has disappeared a long time, why they relapse to me? How can i pay attention to cold and infection? Is there a reverse for chronic nephritis with proteinuria? Most of patients choose hormones to control th...

    Release time: 2017-06-07 10:35:26


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