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Chinese Medicine Can Treat Kidney Disease



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Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD) is a condition marked by a gradual loss of kidney function. And the kidneys are damaged and lose their ability to keep you healthy by doing the jobs. If your kidneys get some wrong

  1. Why Kidney Failure Patients Opt To Travel To China For Chinese Medicine

    Chinese medicine is a treatment for Kidney Failure in the clinic, which is widely used to treat Kidney Failure in China, and many Foreign patients also listen to it. Chinese medicine is a good choice for treating renal failure. Why do I say ...

    Release time: 2018-05-05 16:44:18
  2. Natural Therapy For Stage 5 CKD With Renal Function 8%

    The Patient consulted US natural treatment for Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) with 8% of renal function. The natural remedy in our hospital treatment is Toxin-Removing Treatment. Following this article to know more details, or you can...

    Release time: 2018-05-02 16:07:48
  3. You Should Know The Key Indicators Of Kidney Disease

    Today, I introduce the key indicators of kidney disease, and how to relieve them in a good state....

    Release time: 2018-04-26 15:27:51
  4. 3 Kinds Of High Salt Food Will Aggravate Edema And High Blood Pressure In Chronic Kidney Failure

    Low salt diet is the most basic requirement in the diet of kidney disease. Especially for patients with edema and hypertension, it can reduce the metabolic pressure of the kidney and the retention of water and sodium, and help to reduce the ...

    Release time: 2018-04-25 16:29:41
  5. Complications Of High Uric Acid Will Damage Your Kidney Gradually

    High uric acid indicates that the human body's blood uric acid is too high, and uric acid is the final product of the purine after the body metabolism, if uric acid deposits too much, or because of a variety of reasons not timely discharge a...

    Release time: 2018-04-24 10:29:42
  6. Beneficial Advice To Kidney Disease Patients For A Better Life

    If kidney disease patients have high blood pressure, and it can not be controlled well, which will accelerate the process to uremia stage. So will uncontrolled high blood pressure cause kidney disease? What is the difference between renal h...

    Release time: 2018-04-20 15:06:22
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